Complete Guide to Microsoft PowerApps – Basic to Advanced

Complete Guide to Microsoft PowerApps – Basic to Advanced   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Navigate the Microsoft PowerApps environment
  • Become an absolute expert in Microsoft PowerApps, get valuable preparation for certification, and add the skill to your toolkit
  • Create real functional business application, on the web, tablets, and phones for businesses and organizations
  • Create both Canvas applications and Model-Driven applications, that are responsive and structured
  • Connect to different sources of data (OneDrive, Google Drive, SQL, etc.)
  • Set up your own Common Data Service using example data, with complex business rules
  • Leverage the Microsoft ecosystem to expand your app building knowledge with Developer tools
  • Read Microsoft PowerApps documentation and resolve errors for future application builds


  • This course goes starts from the basic level, so no prerequisites are required. Come hungry to learn!
  • Familiarity with Microsoft applications (Word, Excel) is desired but not required
  • Simple knowledge of tabular data (columns and row) is again desired but not required
  • Willingness to learn
  • Description

    *** BONUS lecture added: Overview of PowerApps Portals

    Learn from more than 7 hours of relevant instructional video content, with many resources and further reading at your disposal!

    Build powerful, impactful business applications with no code. PowerApps is a development environment and data layer created by Microsoft to quickly create applications for all organizations. Think of PowerApps as Microsoft Word, but instead of building documents you are building real-life applications.

    PowerApps is quickly growing in demand and is currently the highest adopted system is medium-to-large companies and one of the most sought after Microsoft skills. We have seen freelance consultants, analysts, and managers who use the knowledge from this course to get paid more, create impact, get hired, and become successful.

    This is the complete guide to Microsoft PowerApps. This course is not only comprehensive (it covers everything you need to know right from the start / beginner level) but is also instructional in nature, meaning that as we learn new concepts, we are also integrating them in the application. Don’t just learn concepts, learn how to actually apply them. That also means that whether you are a beginner or expert, there’s something for you in this course.

    This course also expands your knowledge and explores further concepts such as the Common Data Service (CDS) and integration of Model-Driven Applications. If you are familiar with other Microsoft Power Platform items, then you need to add PowerApps to your arsenal

    Again, this is the complete guide to PowerApps – you won’t ever need another course. We will also update the course if there is a newer version of if newer features get released!

    What is PowerApps?

    PowerApps in a Microsoft tool used to develop data-driven business applications. It serves as both a development environment and data layer that allows users, analysts, and managers, to build scalable applications with no code. Almost all manual Excel / paper processes can be replaced by PowerApps.

    What are the main features of PowerApps?

    • Microsoft ecosystem – PowerApps is similar to other familiar Microsoft applications, like Word or Excel. It has the same ribbon structure and similar design, which makes it easy to learn and transfer knowledge. PowerApps is the Microsoft’s way to build applications, similar to how PowerPoint is Microsoft’s way to build presentations
    • Easy to use – No coding necessary or even required. Similar to other Microsoft applications, it’s a drag-and-drop system which makes thing easy, and has an amazing user-friendly interface
    • Build it once, run it everywhere – Once you build a PowerApps applications, it can be run anywhere with no further development. This means that your application can easily go from phone, tablet, and web without any more effort, and can be run on all systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).
    • Connect to anything – Microsoft’s in-built data connectors allow you to easily connect to any data sources, whether it’s in OneDrive, Google Sheets, SQL, RedShift, your computer’s filesystem, S3, you get the idea (every data source)
    • Customize to your heart’s desire – PowerApps allows you to build your app your way. This means that you can build the application in your vision – your imagination is your only limitation!

    Why Learn PowerApps?

    • Create impact fast – PowerApps allows you to build applications fast, so if you’re looking to quickly build scalable applications, this is for you
    • Increase your and your organizations productivity – Do you have a process in your organization or with yourself that is currently that is managed by shared Excel files or, worse yet, paper? PowerApps allows you to replace this with a data-driven application
    • Get hired / increase your employability – PowerApps is one of the fastest growing tools in medium-to-large businesses, and is expected to be the top sought after Microsoft skill. Put this skill on your resume to boost your chances and pay rate.
    • Improve your toolkit – Add this to your list of Microsoft skills – this is very powerful in conjunction with other Microsoft products (Office, PowerBI, Azure, 365, etc.)

    Why Take This Course?

    • Complete guide – this is the 100% start to finish, zero to hero, basic to advanced guide on PowerApps. There is no other course like it that teaches you everything from start to finish.
    • Fully instructional – we not only go through important concepts, but also apply them as we are building our application so that we can solidify them. This is not only a walkthrough of the PowerApps features, but a course that actually builds applications with you
    • Learn to learn – During the latter parts of the course, we go through situations where we encounter new features or errors, and work through how we would use the documentation to resolve them. In this way, you not only learn about PowerApps inside and out, but learn how to resolve your own issues as they come up
    • Teacher response – I have a response time of <8 hours, so if there’s anything else you would like to learn, or if there’s something you cannot figure out, I’m here for you!
    • Great resources – Example data, resources, and further reading can help you in your learning journey

    Course and Module Overview

    Introduction – learn about PowerApps and how it fits into Microsoft’s ecosystem

    Environment Setup – make a PowerApps account and import data

    Basic: PowerApps Concepts – build and run your first application through data loader

    Beginner: Canvas Apps – learn Canvas App concepts (layout, galleries, forms, functions, formulas

    Intermediate: Canvas Apps – build your Canvas App knowledge (navigation, screens, variables, filter, lookup, data validation, multiple data sources, phone calls)

    Expert: Canvas Apps – take your Canvas App knowledge to the next level (grouping, complex functions, cascading, reading the docs)

    Expert: Common Data Service – learn how to integrate your data with Microsoft’s data layer

    Advanced: Canvas Apps – master your Canvas App knowledge (image inputs, camera, videos, option sets, charts and graphs)

    Advanced: Model-Driven Apps – build Model-Driven Applications for your organization

    Reference Material – sample data and other items used in the course

    Further Reading – resources to help you expand your knowledge

    If you want to learn Microsoft PowerApps, this is the course for you. We’re looking forward to having you in the course and hope you earn the certificate.

    Who this course is for:

    • Analysts / Managers who want to replace a paper / excel business process into an application-driven process
    • Analysts / Managers who want to quickly create an application for their business without any code
    • Students who want to impress employers with a relevant high-in-demand and growing Microsoft skill
    • People who are interested to build their own web and phone based apps, with minimal coding
    • Seasoned PowerApps users / developers who want to enhance their skills (expert and advanced sections)
    • Database administrators who want to find an easier way to manage, store, edit, and add data

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