Complete Introduction to AWS QuickSight [2020 Edition]

Complete Introduction to AWS QuickSight [2020 Edition]  Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Quickest and easiest method to learn AWS Quicksight with a best selling Udemy instructor
  • Create powerful analysis, reports and insight from data in minutes
  • Create table calculations for percentages, running totals, ranking and difference from
  • Learn different types of visualizations to understand your data
  • Load and prepare your data for analysis using AWS QuickSight tools
  • Create relationships between data for enhanced analysis


  • You will require a AWS QuickSight account


Looking for a course that will get you up and running with Amazon’s Quicksight without wasting your time?  Looking for a course that makes sense and builds your knowledge up in a logical fashion?  That’s exactly what this course delivers.  Get the crucial foundation you need to become a Quicksight expert.


“I just love how easy it is to follow along with everything being presented. My favorite part is that the exercises have the answers so you can see immediately if you have the right answer and then the demos of the exercises right after to see if you performed the exercise correctly.”


QuickSight is Amazon’s business analytics service you can use to build visualizations, perform ad hoc analysis, and get business insights from your data. It can scale to hundreds of thousands of users and delivers responsive performance by using a robust in-memory engine (SPICE).


  • Understand the flow of using Quicksight, from loading data, to preparing it for analysis, to aggregations, filters and visualizations and to sharing your report with others
  • Learn how to load and prepare data for analysis
  • Learn how to calculate different methods of aggregation – Averages, Highest values, Lowest Values and number of Unique Values
  • Create KPIs to display key metrics
  • Use Table calculations to calculate percentages, running totals, rankings and difference from calculations
  • Use filters and controls to filter visualizations and reports with a couple of clicks of the mouse
  • Create new calculations and fields of data from QuickSight formulas
  • Create powerful trend analysis graphs to help with forecasting
  • Learn to gain powerful analysis from a variety of different visualizations and graph types
  • Learn to create relationships between tables of data
  • Create stories of data and change the themes in used analysis
  • Create and share powerful dashboards of data in minutes


Ian Littlejohn has been a top-rated trainer on the Udemy platform for over 5 years and has more than 10 years’ experience in training & management consulting. He specialises in Data Analysis, covering Excel, Power BI, Google Data Studio and Amazon Quicksight.

Ian has over 88,000 students and 24,000 reviews. He has a reputation for delivering excellent, logically structured courses which are easy to follow and get the point across without wasting learners’ time.


Learners buying this course get:

  • Full access to 5 hours of HD quality video
  • 3 downloadable resources and 10 articles
  • Lifetime access
  • Money-back guarantee (see Udemy terms and Conditions)
  • Certificate of completion upon course conclusion

We look forward to having you on the course!



This course will take you from beginner to intermediate level with Amazon Quicksight. You can see all of Ian’s other Data Analysis courses by searching for his name on Udemy.

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Who this course is for:

  • AWS users
  • People currently using Microsoft and Google tools and want to learn AWS QuickSight


Download  Complete Introduction to AWS QuickSight [2020 Edition]  Free

https://www.dropbox.com/s/qrpn5wfvurmokja/[ freetuts.download ] Udemy – Complete Introduction to AWS QuickSight [2020 Edition].zip?dl=0

Password : freetuts.download

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