DevSecOps – Master Securing CI – CD DevOPs Pipeline

 DevSecOps – Master Securing CI – CD DevOPs Pipeline   Free Tutorial Download

This course is designed for Developers, DevOps, Security, Freshers, QA, Infra, Build & Release(All), InfoSec/AppSec Professional to learn and implement the DevSecOps methodology, tools & technology for your company/project using security best practices. This will help you to secure top quality jobs in the upcoming market with a higher salary (similar to the current trend of DevOps, Cloud & Security). As digitization is the key for all companies to succeed in market/business.

Why purchase this course?

Only practical hands-on course available on the internet till now.

Now-days, there is no need to have schools or attend training institutes, as all the things can be learned offline or online with little bit of research. I have tried to include almost every part of DevOps, Security & testing for the application.

Also if you go for training institutes / online tutors/ Seminars / Conferences the cost of learning this professional high demand course may vary ( 400 USD to 4000 USD)  whereas you are learning the same course with a nominal fee and also can go with your own pace.

Also, it is the only available practical course on DevSecOps available to date in the internet.

DevSecOps enables rapid application development with agility, at the same time it secures your application with automated security checks integrated within the pipeline. It helps to increase productivity and security by integrating security stages in the pipeline.

Also in this course, we have compared the traditional DevOps pipeline with the modern DevSecOps pipeline, provided techniques to automate the security scanning at various phases and stages of the build pipeline instead of waiting for the pen testing team to start manual testing once the application is deployed.

Also, we have included all the latest & free opensource tools so that everyone can try getting their hands dirty with the code.

Gartner’s report for DevOps + Security collaboration(by 2021) is attached to the promo video for reference.

By the end of the course, I am sure you will have absorbed an enormous amount of theoretical and practical knowledge, tools, technologies related to DevSecOps, and should be able to implement DevOps or DevSecOps pipeline, culture for your project/product independently.

Also now you have a DevSecOps quiz to test your basic DevSecOps skills knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • DevOps aspirants
  • DevSecOps aspirants
  • Pipeline aspirant
  • CI/CD aspirants
  • Build/Release/Automation/Infrastructure Engineers
  • Infrastructure or platform engineer
  • Developer
  • QA
  • Support Engineer
  • Freshers
  • InfoSec Professional
  • Cyber Security Professionals


Download  DevSecOps – Master Securing CI – CD DevOPs Pipeline  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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