Introduction to AWS Lambda for beginners

Download Tutorial Introduction to AWS Lambda for beginners

AWS Lambda is at the heart of the serverless architecture on AWS. Instead of having to provision and maintain servers, with AWS Lambda you pay per execution and get a million executions per month for free.

Some of the applications and use cases of AWS Lambda include image processing, log processing , security automation etc.

In this course, we cover the following things:

– Create a Hello world Lambda function and walk through the Lambda console.

– Automate starting/stopping of EC2 instances on a desired schedule using Lambda+ Cloudwatch Events

– Build a deployment package with external image processing library and build a serverless image processing app.

Why should you take this course:

– AWS Lambda is easy to learn and fun to use

– You will build a image processing app which you can build on.

– You will get all the future updates on the course for free.

– In about 2 hours we cover the basics of Lambda and provide 4 demos.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who want to learn AWS Lambda with simple examples.

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Download Free Tutorial Introduction to AWS Lambda for beginners


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