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What you’ll learn
  • Understanding of basic structure of Japanese language
  • Words and phrases useful and nessesary for traveling
  • Get familiar to Japanese culture and people’s behavior
  • A huge amount of experience in listening to native speaker’s speech
  • Comprehensive understanding of Japanese writing system
  • Internet connection

Hi everyone.

Welcome to our course.

We developed our course based on a book called “Minna no Nihongo”, which is a very

common text book and a tutor’s guide. It introduces integrated approach to learning Japanese, but not just that.

We have made this course enjoyable.

Through the skits performed by native actors and actresses, you can be familiar to Japanese people’s manners and behaviors.

I have included many words and phrases that Japanese people often use.

You will be able to sing some Japanese songs.

The more you enjoy, the quicker you learn!!

Of course, we will go through everything that you would learn in the first year of a language school.

This course consist of three parts.In Part1, we will provied you with essensials of the Japanese language-pronaounciation,

basic grammar, and short sentences. We show you a short skit and then explain details.

In Part2, you will get to know Japanese for travelers. We will go through the all situations of traveling- get on a plane, buy ticket at a train station,

make order at a restaurant, stay at a hotel, when you get lost and so on.

In Part3, you will learn some more vocabularies and important basics that we couldn’t cover in the skits.

The first language teacher will affect your speech quite a lot.

In this course, Japanese is spoken ONLY by native speaker so it will help you sound fluent! If you are new to Japanese language, start here!

Who this course is for:
  • Native Japanese speakers


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