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Learn SASS and SCSS – Tutorials and CSS

As a developer, you know the importance of CSS— and you also know how CSS can become cumbersome, disorganized and repetitive. Maybe your CSS performs poorly, or, maybe you’re just spending too much time digging through CSS code to solve minor display issues. Stop wasting time tearing your hair out over confusing or poor performing CSS. With Learn SASS and SCSS with Dave Moran, you’ll be introduced to the technologies of SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) and SCSS (Sassy CSS). If you’re not familiar with these important advances in the CSS world, SASS is a CSS pre-processor with syntax advancements. Style sheets in the advanced syntax are processed, and turned into regular CSS style sheets. SCSS is a superset of CSS, expanded to accommodate the features of SASS. SASS can be used with any version of CSS and all CSS libraries are compatible. In this course, you’ll do more than watch demonstrations from an expert instructor. Dave will invite you to code along as you go from SASS newbie to expert. You’ll complete this course ready to integrate SASS workflow and SCSS syntax into your own development projects. To ensure that you retain the information presented, Dave has prepared several code exercises to help you get the hang of things.

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Developer: Learna Program / learntoprogram
Language: English
Teacher: LearnToProgram, Inc., Dave Moran
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary
Training time: 3 hours + 30 minutes
File Size: 2200 MB


Password : freetuts.download

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