Learn Windows & Linux Command Line

Learn Windows & Linux Command Line   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How to use the command line in both Windows and Linux
  • How to navigate the file systems and directories
  • How to create, edit, and manipulate directories and files
  • How to run the commands using the right syntax
  • An A-Z Index of the Windows & Linux Command Line


  • Basic computer proficiency (Everything else is covered in the course)
  • You can take this course even if you have never worked with Linux before.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with Windows or Linux operating system: taking a good command line tutorial is something every programmer and system administrator should do. Using the terminal gives you greater control and more options, thus making you more flexible and able to deal with a broader set of tasks on hand. In addition to that, it’s faster, uses less RAM than other interfaces, and doesn’t care about the quality of your monitor one bit.

Fettah Ben has been working as a system administrator for over a decade. He knows perfectly well how to use command line the right way – in this 4-hour command line crash course, he will share his knowledge with you too!

Learn command prompts from scratch!

It’s true: we’re living in a world of graphical user interfaces, drag-and-drops, and a multitude of other tools that simplify using technologies to the maximum. However, most programmers will agree you need to understand how to use the command line, which was created back when the only way to call a specific command was by typing.

In this command line tutorial, you will learn all about the command line interface (CLI) and its elements: command line, shell, and terminal window. Fettah Ben will introduce you to the basics file and system navigation and administration in both Linux and Windows:

  • You will get to know the terminal and understand the benefits of using it in your daily work
  • You will find out all there is to know about shell scripts and the ways to write them yourself
  • Last but not least, you will learn command prompts by reviewing syntax patterns. There’s no use in knowing the commands if you’re not writing them properly, right?

Completing this command line tutorial will provide you with enough knowledge to start working on your own server administration projects on Windows or Linux terminals.

A command line crash course – learn in half a day!

Having worked professionally with the command line interface for the last decade, Fettah Ben knows perfectly well what you need to know to begin working on your own projects. In this 4-hour command line tutorial, you will find 47 lessons, conveniently grouped into six distinct sections:

  • Introduction to the terminology and subject
  • Picking the terminal: different options you can choose from
  • Working with files and directories
  • Your first steps: using cat and echo programs
  • Tips and tricks to simplify your daily work
  • Scripting for all your database and OS needs

You might notice some of the lectures are free to review. They offer introductions to the command line tutorial so you know what you can expect from the course. It is also a chance to check whether the instructor’s accent is clear and understandable to you, so make sure to watch them before enrolling in the course.

Learning to work with the command line interface doesn’t take a lot of time, but it can save a lot. Enroll in the comprehensive course introduced by Fettah Ben and master it yourself!

Who this course is for:
  • The Course is Designed for Beginners and Seasoned Professional Looking to use Command Line
  • Anyone who Works – or wants to Work with Microsoft Windows, Linux or Unix OS
  • Anyone interested in shell scripting or shell programming.
  • Linux system administrators


Download Learn Windows & Linux Command Line   Free


Password : freetuts.download

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