Learning FreeCAD – Lesson 1 Sketches

Learning FreeCAD – Lesson 1 Sketches Free Download

About This Class

Hi, my name is Mats and i want to teach you way to make your own 3D-Parts with the help of the Software freeCAD. I’ll start with the basics and will go further into detail with later classes. One possible aim is to create your own 3D-parts for 3D-printing.

In this 1st class I will give you a short overview of the software and some minor visual settings. Afterwards we will dive into the PartDesigner. In this class I will explain the Sketchmodule of FreeCAD. Step by Step we will create our first Sketches and afterwards with the help of two different extrusion commands we will create our first few 3D-parts.

In this Class you will learn the following:

– How to read and understand simple technical drawings

– What the software FreeCAD is capable of

– Creating finished sketches for simple 3D-Models

– Extrusion and Rotation command to create a 3D-Model based on a 2D-Sketch


DownloadLearning FreeCAD – Lesson 1 Sketches Free Download Free

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