Microsoft Excel 2020 VBA & Macro Data Analysis & Reporting

Microsoft Excel 2020 VBA & Macro Data Analysis & Reporting   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Macro and VBA for automation
  • Basic analytics
  • Data Validation, Pivot table, Vlookup


  • Basic computer knowledge


Get yourself equipped with knowledge in Excel.

What you will become after going through this course:

  • Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced
  • Build a solid understanding on the Basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Learn the most common Excel functions used in the Office
  • Harness the full power of Microsoft Excel by automating your day to day tasks through Macros and VBA
  • Maintain large sets of Excel data in a list or table
  • Create dynamic reports by mastering one of the most popular tools, PivotTables, Data validation
  • Wow your boss by unlocking dynamic formulas with IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH functions and many more
  • Access to a Professional Trainer with 10+ years of Excel Training- @[email protected]

This course will provide learning in the below mentioned topics

  1. Basics in Excel
  2. Graphical representation in Excel
  3. Analytics in Excel.
  4. Data validation, Advanced Pivot tables, Advanced lookup operations.
  5. Macro used to send daily report.
  6. Writing VBA code to automate the manual tasks.

Advanced excel topics will be provided as part my advanced course.

Basics covers all the topics related to introduction, What are the options available in excel

Graphical representation covers Graphs, Tables and other presentation materials

Analytics in Excel covers all the formulas and validation that can be performed in excel.

Who this course is for:

  • College students and office goers
  • Newbies willing to learn excel


Download  Microsoft Excel 2020 VBA & Macro Data Analysis & Reporting  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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