MVA PHP in Microsoft Azure

Download MVA PHP in Microsoft Azure – Learn PHP at Microsoft Azure

If you are a PHP developer, you may be wondering what Microsoft Azure can do for you or what you can do with Azure. Get those questions answered in this course, which is an introduction to integrating Azure Services into your current and future PHP development projects. Learn about deploying your existing application to Azure, and take a look at the database services available in Azure. Begin with an overview of PHP development with Azure, the different Azure SQL services, and Azure Web App Services. See how to connect the current code base to a newly created database, and push code up to the web app for a deployed full-stack application. Plus, get a look at additional resources, in this practical Azure for PHP developer training.

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Manufacturer: MVA / MVA 
Language of instruction: English
Moderator: Kris Ekenes
Level of training :, Secondary
Time of training: 50 minutes
File Size: 799 MB

Pass RAR : hoquangdai.com

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