OneNote 2016 Essential Training

OneNote 2016 Essential Training   Free Tutorial Download

Learn how to use OneNote 2016 to create, edit, and save notes and keep your information organized. Discover easy ways to create notes, add and format text, stay organized with tables, and share and password-protect your notebooks. Plus, learn how to integrate all sorts of content into notes, such as screen clippings, images, audio and video, and even Excel worksheets.

Topics include:

  • Describe OneNote.
  • Explain how to open a OneNote notebook and use the interface.
  • Differentiate between pages and subpages.
  • Describe how to use screen clippings.
  • Explain how to add audio and video files to a page.
  • Identify the steps for creating a table.
  • Cite the benefits of using password protection.
  • Differentiate between various keyboard shortcuts.
  • Summarize how to save a page to OneDrive or SharePoint


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