Practical Industrial Process Gamification

Practical Industrial Process Gamification   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Introduce you to practical industrial process control by using the concept of gamification
  • Help you identify relationships of the up, mid and down streams of the petroleum industry with the three (3) gamified petroleum industry applications provided.
  • Enable you to easily understand the operations of key components across the petroleum industry.
  • Enable you handle an assumed control system ranging from the transducer, controller and actuator while receiving immediate feedback based on your actions.
  • Expose you to critical soft and technical skills required by the petroleum industry.
  • Connect your learning to real-world situation while testing your critical reasoning when challenged.
  • Teach you how to systematically approach industrial challenges one step at a time.
  • Helps you improve interaction and collaboration with your peers.
  • Improve your employability status not just in the industrial sector covered but generally.


  • Little to no industrial field experience is required for this course. All the basic information you need is provided to get you started such that you need not even be an engineer to utilize it. This course is all about using games that enable you learn about various parts of not just the petroleum industry while having fun but also the similarities across various industries.

Utilize gamified facilities in the up, mid and down streams of the petroleum industry to learn how their key components function. This is a hands on course whereby after studying you have three(3) gamified industrial facilities in the petroleum industry (i.e, a crude oil production platform, petroleum refinery plant and petroleum products loading depot) included which can be self administered to confirm knowledge gained and for fun,alone or with other individuals.

Who this course is for:
  • Professionals in the field of Engineering design, operations or maintenance would all benefit from this course.
  • Engineering and technical students in secondary and tertiary institutions would equally benefit from this course.
  • Knowledge seekers outside the field of Engineering who want to enhance their employability status.
  • Firms that operate in the Human Resources Management (HRM) and Personnel Training (PT) space would find this course a great addition to their tool kit for staff recruitment and knowledge enhancement both within and outside the petroleum industry.
  • Corporate communications firms would not be left out since they can use this course and associated applications to organize competitions for effective brand promotion.


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