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Components are the core building blocks of a React application. This course will level-up your React skills by providing a better understanding of class vs. functional components, state and lifecycle methods, and how to split your UI into reusable and composable components.

Build Modular Interfaces with Components

Learn how to quickly set up a React application with Create React App and separate your React components into modules.

Managing State and Data Flow

It’s important to think carefully about where state resides in your application. In this stage, you will restructure state and data flow to be more unidirectional.

Stateful Components and Lifecycle Methods

This stage covers working with React component lifecycle methods. You will also learn to use conditional rendering to update your UI based on the current state.

React Component Patterns

Learn useful design patterns to use in your React components. These patterns will not only help prevent you from writing messy and over-complicated code, but also help you create flexible, more performant components that are easier to understand and maintain.

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