Research Methodology and Problem Definition Skills

Research Methodology and Problem Definition Skills   Free Tutorial Download

The material used is from my most in-demand course and workshop – Research Methodology Workshop. I have had the opportunity to train over 5000+ students, research scholars and teachers in the last 5 years.

Problem solving comes naturally to man. Problem identification is a knack learnt very young. But as we grow old, we get influenced by our environment and include bias in the problem definition. This course is for students of all faculties – Science, Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Technology, Social Sciences and Humanitarian courses. Research methodology is applied is all spheres of life and you use it everyday, sub-consciously.

Research Methodology brings in structure to the problem identification, definition and its method of solution. A variety of tools have been given to us and it is time that we wield it. Problem solving is the end goal. The path used to solve it have been given names like ‘Creativity’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Lateral Thinking’.

This course will shed light in the means and ways of

  1. Searching for a problem,
  2. Identifying it,
  3. Refining it,
  4. Solving it, and
  5. Presenting

    The information in a manner to convey the results accurately and scientifically.

Finally, this course is followed up with a course of – Research Paper Writing or Technical Writing.

Who this course is for:

  • Prospective research candidates
  • Faculties registered for PhD
  • Students of Science, Arts, Commerce, Management and Technology faculties


Download  Research Methodology and Problem Definition Skills  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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