Setting up a Google Cloud Platform Environment

Setting up a Google Cloud Platform Environment  Free Tutorial Download

Setting Up Your GCP Environment

This page describes the steps to set up your Google Cloud environment so that you can start integrating your solution with the Google Cloud Marketplace APIs.

After you have completed these steps, you must contact your Partner Engineer, who will enable access to the Cloud Commerce Partner Procurement API.

Create a project

We recommend that you create a new project primarily for your Google Cloud Marketplace solutions.

If you already have a project for your current Google Cloud Marketplace solutions, you can re-use those projects, and skip to creating a service account.

For steps to create a project, see Creating and Managing Projects.

After you have created the project, grant the Project Viewer role to [email protected]. For steps to grant access to your project, see Granting, changing and revoking access to resources.

While you are creating your solution, if you need help debugging your project, such as troubleshooting issues with APIs, grant the Project Editor role to [email protected].

Create a service account

To integrate your solution with Google Cloud, you must create a service account in the project that you are using for your solution. Your application uses this service account to interact with the Partner APIs, and get information about users’ purchases.

You must grant the Pub/Sub Editor role to this service account. For steps to create a service account, see Creating and Managing Service Accounts.

Start creating your solution

You must add your solution information in Partner Portal, which includes your marketing information, pricing plan, and so on.

Your Partner Engineer will let you know when you have access to Partner Portal. After you have access, open the Google Cloud Marketplace page, and from the menu on the left, click Partner Portal.


Download  Setting up a Google Cloud Platform Environment  Free–lmXlV4M1JgCA8d_Zw

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