The Complete Price Action Course – Advanced Forex Trading

The Complete Price Action Course – Advanced Forex Trading   Free Tutorial Download

This course aims to cover everything about price action trading, from A-to-Z, with a complete and deep understanding of the why, how, when and what moves price. My goal was simply to make the best and most complete price action course out there.


Are you FRUSTRATED with trading and do you fall into one of these categories?

  • You have spent a ton of money on expensive courses and systems.
  • You have tried using custom indicators, robots and automated systems.
  • You have followed bad signal providers and copy trade systems.
  • You have jumped from system to system and were never able to stick to one.

I feel you, you’re not alone!

In fact, I was all of the above! It was only when I realized that there are no short cuts or easy way to success that I began to seriously learn about price action trading. I had to find my “own” system that I could use to reliably analyze and predict the market.

Why I have gone down the path of discretionary trading

A mechanical system is designed for a specific market condition and only works when the market reacts in such a way, and when it doesn’t losses would incur. There are simply too many variations that affect the movement of price, that a simple “if A happens then B” system simply would NOT work.

You have to be able to read the signs and decipher the language of price, determine whether the bulls or the bears are in control, where price is headed to and when it’s likely to turn, and with all that information, where will you enter and exit the market – all this sums up what price action trading is all about.  

As a retail trader, we are merely the small guys trading along side the big boys and we can never be the first to predict price – we don’t move the markets but we simply follow along. If you know how to read price, there are always clues to when these tricks and manipulations happen, price always leaves behind a footprint.

As a discretionary trader, I don’t have a fix set of rules or a so called “trading system”.

Therefore my GOAL is to teach you on how to analyze and predict the ever changing markets through price action, by understanding what ultimately moves price and why it moves in such a way.

Simplicity is best!

I have broken down the principles of price action trading into these simple fundamentals:

  1. Having a direction bias: There are only two directions in the market, up or down.
  2. Identifying the market phase: There are only two phases in the market, trending or ranging.

See… how hard can it be? That’s all!

Here is my simple recipe for trading success: “Find an edge, risk small, trade less and make sure that your wins are bigger than your losses.”

The principles of trading are really simple, what makes it so hard is the mental aspect of trading. As you may have heard, trading is 90% mental, and I couldn’t agree more with that saying. Don’t be alone during hard times and surround yourself with winning traders in a positive and supportive environment – this will definitely give you that extra edge in succeeding as a trader.

If you wish to step up your game in trading to another level and achieve consistent results, I’d like to invite you to grab the course right now!


With lots of Pip Love,

Forex James

Who this course is for:

  • Traders who want to step up their game with price action trading.
  • Traders who wish to study the science behind the how and why prices move.
  • Traders who have jumped from one system to another and are still looking for the ultimate system.


Download  The Complete Price Action Course – Advanced Forex Trading  Free


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