Using Node.js with Visual Studio Code

Using Node.js with Visual Studio Code – Learn how to use Node.js with Visual Studio Codes

Developers, have you heard about Visual Studio Code? Far more than a text editor, it works cross platform, looks great, has a ton of cool features, and is becoming increasingly popular! Check it out, with the always-entertaining experts Stacey Mulcahy and Rami Sayar, and see how to use Visual Studio Code to create sites using Node.js (one of the easiest and fastest ways to develop real-time apps on the web today) . Walk through the tool’s features, learn how to customize them, and explore the key commands. This is how to create a basic REST API using Node.js with Express, connect your web application to a database, and learn how to debug Node.js apps using Visual Studio Code. Plus, see how to deploy your sites to Microsoft Azure, and create, test, and schedule Azure Web Jobs. Watch helpful demos,

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