ZBrush- Modeling a Cartoon Character

ZBrush- Modeling a Cartoon Character  Free Tutorial Download

Explore sculpting, painting, and posing a 3D cartoon character using ZBrush. Author Ryan Kittleson demonstrates how to set up reference images, build a character from primitive shapes, fuse the shapes into a smooth surface, refine the anatomy and design, and color the model. Plus, learn how to render the character with a pose for presentation.

Topics include:

  • Setting up reference images
  • Creating the basic body shape
  • Making the facial shapes
  • Refining the anatomy
  • Modeling cartoon props
  • Adding eyes and teeth
  • Merging the body parts
  • Retopologizing the model for posing
  • Texturing and posing the model


Download  ZBrush- Modeling a Cartoon Character  Free

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