A Fullstack Saga – SpringBoot – Angular – Kubernetes

A Fullstack Saga – SpringBoot – Angular – Kubernetes   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • create microservice architecture using spring boot
  • secure backend services with spring security and jwt
  • create frontend component using Angular 9
  • deploy microservice architecture on google kubernetes cluster
  • secure microservices paths nginx resource rules
  • secure communication between frontend and backend using encrypted connection
  • build CI/CD pipelines using gitlab
  • create backend microservices using spring boot with java 11


  • basic OOP knowledge
  • This course will be using a mac OS, but other platform are fine as well


In this course you will learn how to :

  • build a scalable platform, from scratch
  • using microservice architecture using spring boot with Java 11
  • create a frontend app that presents information stored in backend services, using angular 9
  • and deploy everything to a Google Kubernetes cluster (GKE)
  • all of these while automating the process using CI/CD pipelines from GitLab.

You will also learn to:

  • secure the connection between frontend and backend using TLS (https – encrypted communication) and
  • also secure backend endpoints using ROLE based security (with Spring Security and JWT – json web token)
  • use POSTMAN for request testing
  • build/publish Docker images

Who this course is for:

  • software developers who want to learn more about being a fullstack developer
  • software developer who want to build a scalable platform
  • everyone who is curious on how to build a fullstack platform from scratch
  • backend/frontend/devops engineers that want to learn more about an app ecosystem


Download  A Fullstack Saga – SpringBoot – Angular – Kubernetes  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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