The Modern Superpower – Learn the Art of Effective Persuasion

The Modern Superpower – Learn the Art of Effective Persuasion   Free Tutorial Download

Whether we realize it or not, we are surrounded by persuasion every day. Not only from advertisements and various other media, but also from the people we know. When someone wants a favor; when someone needs support for their opinion; when someone needs help in getting something done. There are very few days that go by where there isn’t someone trying to get us to do or believe something. Persuasion is a part of life. However, whether our attempts at persuasion actually work or not is a different story. Some people are quite effective at getting what they want; others are not. The difference between the two is often dependent upon the approach taken. This course hopes to offer some insight into how to effectively persuade people. It also seeks to teach you how to identify when others are masterfully trying to persuade *you*.  In many ways, this course teaches both offense and defense.  We want you to be able to identify it when you see it and be able to use it when you need it.

If language had a form of martial arts, rhetoric would be it. Thus, since we all use language every day, it would be silly not to equip ourselves with the techniques and insights it offers. You may have heard some variation of the saying: ‘you shouldn’t bring rocks to a gunfight’. Well, when it comes to persuasion, knowing rhetoric is the equivalent of bringing a bazooka.

As Bruce Lee once said, “I am not teaching you anything; I just help you to explore yourself.”  In this case, we certainly are teaching you, but what you learn is highly dependent on you; more specifically, your beliefs, your morals, your personality, your creativity and your objectives. The tools of rhetoric are different in the hands of everyone, just as language is. So we implore you: please use this knowledge for good, not evil, because in many ways, it truly offers access to a real-world superpower.


(*Teachers: If you are a teacher interested in teaching a related topic in class, this course includes a lesson plan and practice materials that can be adapted for your lessons. Feel free to contact us for additional info).

*Live classes available for schools and private groups. Contact us at [email protected]

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners interested in learning how to identify or utilize common persuasive (rhetorical) techniques.


Download  The Modern Superpower – Learn the Art of Effective Persuasion  Free


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