AWS Config- An Introduction

AWS Config- An Introduction   Free Tutorial Download

AWS Config is an easy way to make us all more accurate and productive with very few resources

When we work in AWS, we tend to create, delete, and manage resources sporadically. We know that we would be much better off in the long run if we carefully tracked all of our resources. We could more easily manage and evaluate these resources with greater accuracy and less effort. We would have stronger governance, auditing, and tracking of notifications.

There is good news. AWS Config takes care of this tedious work for us. AWS Config provides a detailed inventory of the AWS resources and their current configuration while continuously recording changes. This helps in evaluating these configurations and changes for compliance with ideal configurations defined by AWS Config Rules.

AWS Config offers AWS defined, pre-built templates and config rules along with user-defined customized rules. The account owner is immediately notified via Amazon SNS about all changes to the resources.

This AWS Config rule is currently only available in AWS N. Virginia region for now, but AWS Config as a service is available in all the regions.

AWS Config does the following:

  • Retrieves configurations of one or more resources that exist in your account
  • Retrieves historical configurations of one or more resources
  • Produces a snapshot of the current configurations of the supported resources that are associated with your AWS account
  • Evaluates your AWS resource configurations for desired settings
  • Sends notifications whenever a resource is created, modified, or deleted
  • Shows relevant relationships between resources


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