Brazilian Portuguese For Beginners

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What you’ll learn

  • How to have a simple conversation in Portuguese.
  • The difference between the two verbs “to be” in Portuguese: “ser” and “estar”
  • Greetings, farewells, apologies and thanks in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • How to introduce yourself in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Ask and answer questions in Brazilian Portuguese using what, how, which, where and who.
  • The names of family members in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Over 100 vocabulary words in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • The names of professions in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Numbers from 0 to 1000 in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Many of the most useful verbs in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Ordering food and drinks in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Useful expressions in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Descriptions for daily tasks in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Proper pronunciation for (often difficult) Brazilian Portuguese letters and words.


  • You do not need any knowledge of the Portuguese language to get through this first course. Just watch the videos in sequence, follow the directions of Professora Luciana and soon you will be speaking Brazilian Portuguese!
  • It is important to repeat what you hear while you associate the meaning with the image, and to the written word. Remember: you will learn Portuguese with Portuguese! No translation! This is the beauty of this method!

We teach Brazilian Portuguese through short, colorful and fun videos. Our course does NOT rely on translation. You will be immersed in the Portuguese language when you watch our videos which present everyday situations. Some tell small stories with a beginning and an end and others focus on answering common questions most students have.

Each Portuguese lesson uses only vocabulary you’ve learned in earlier lessons, and adds to it. (For that reason, it is important to follow the exact order of the videos.)

Our Brazilian Portuguese course is taught by a native Brazilian who is also a very experienced teacher. This is extremely important, since many language courses are taught by non-native speakers, which reduces the effectiveness of your learning. Why run the risk of picking up someone else’s foreign accent?

Portuguese Today has spared no expense in the creation of our lessons and courses. We deliver professional quality content. Our video lessons were crafted by highly trained professionals. See for yourself the difference that it makes!

Most language courses use translation. We from Portuguese Today, DON’T! This is what distinguishes us from other courses. Otherwise you could learn Portuguese reading a dictionary!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to learn Portuguese quickly, easily, and without all the complicated grammar rules? And without having to translate everything you learn? Learn Portuguese…by speaking Portuguese!

So stop imagining and start learning! In the course “Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners”, you learn exactly in this way, through the Direct Method, the method by which living languages are taught. The way you learned your native language! Learning without translation: through examples, images, listening and speaking. It is the ideal method for anyone who needs to learn the Portuguese language quickly and effectively.

At the end of each module you will be able to test and practice what you have learned!

Buy the first module now and see how easy it is to learn Portuguese with us!

Who this course is for:
  • Our course is suitable for any age, for anyone who wants to learn to speak Portuguese like a Brazilian.
  • Our course is for anyone with a desire to learn Brazilian Portuguese for any reason: to better themselves, to make friends or relationships with Brazilians, to look for jobs in Brazil, etc.

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