Product Innovation for Product Managers

Product Innovation for Product Managers Free Download

In order for a company to expand into new markets and continuously grow their business, they must innovate. As a product manager, understanding how to approach each stage of the product innovation process—from identifying the right problem to launching and scaling—is key. In this course, Karen Holst walks through this process, sharing practical strategies and tools that can help you facilitate the creation of valuable new products. Karen shares how to better understand your company’s ecosystem and approach the different phases of innovation, including preparation and discovery, creating ideas, testing and prototyping, and launching and scaling.

Topics include:

  • What product innovation is and isn’t
  • Mapping your product innovation portfolio
  • How business objectives set the stage for innovation
  • Identifying the right problems
  • Human-centered and data-centered innovation
  • Exploring the ideation phase
  • Effective testing and prototyping
  • Launching and scaling


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