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Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework that can be used to build interactive components or entire single-page apps. It’s a powerful and flexible framework for the modern web designer—whether you use a little of it or a lot. In this course, Joe Chellman offers practical ways to incorporate Vue.js in real-world web designs. He introduces three small projects that benefit from Vue: a real-time updating product customizer that shows how to manage data and respond to events with Vue; an employee directory using Vue forms and animation; and a status board that makes external API calls and uses a third-party Vue component. Each project demonstrates what makes Vue most interesting and useful to web designers and provides solutions for dealing with the few unique challenges.

Topics include:

  • Installing Vue.js and Vue devtools
  • Creating interactive components
  • Adding data to components
  • Listening for events
  • Scaffolding components
  • Building and wiring forms
  • Animating transitions
  • Incorporating live data via REST APIs
  • Adding third-party Vue components


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