Fixed appliances treatment and bonding in orthodontics

 Fixed appliances treatment and bonding in orthodontics   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Advantages and limitations of fixed appliances
  • Components of the fixed appliances
  • History of fixed appliances
  • Types of brackets
  • Parts of the bracket. Modification of slot dimension. Ligation of the brackets. Auxiliary features. Archwires. Fixed expansion arches
  • Bonding Procedure. Tips on placing brackets in different cases
  • Treatment stages: Leveling and Aligning. Working Stage. Finishing Stage


  • Interested in becoming an orthodontic specialist


This course will take you from zero to hero of the following orthodontic topics: Contemporary fixed appliances and Bonding in orthodontics. 

Here are the main headlines that this course covers:

Contemporary fixed appliances

1. Advantages and limitations of fixed appliances

2. History of fixed appliances

2.1 Edgewise appliance

2.2 Light wire appliance

2.3 The readjusted appliance

  • Roth
  • MBT
  • Lingual appliances

3. Components of the fixed appliances

4. Types of brackets

4.1. Metal brackets

– Stainless steel brackets

– Cobalt chromium brackets

– Titanium Brackets

– Plastic Brackets

– Ceramic Brackets

– Individually Customized Brackets

5. Part of a bracket

5.1 Bracket slot

5.2 Type of bends for three-dimensional tooth movements

  • First order bends
  • Second order bends
  • Third order bends

5.3 Modification of slot dimension

  • Advantages and disadvantages of 0.022 slot
  • Advantages and disadvantages of 0.018 slot

6. Morphology of the brackets

6.1 Single slot brackets

6.2 Twin bracket

7. Slot modifications to reduce friction

8. Ligation of the brackets

8.1 Self-ligating brackets

8.2 Tie lings of the brackets

9. Auxiliary features

9.1 Power arms

9.2 Accessary slots

10. Archwires

10.1 Physical properties of an archwire

10.2 Archwire materials

10.3 Other auxiliaries

10.4 Palatal and lingual arches

11. Fixed expansion arches

11.1 Quad helix

11.2 Hyrax

12. Fixed Appliance for distalization

12.1 Pendulum

12.2 Distal Jet

12.3 Veltri distalizer

12.4 Belussi Distalizer

Bonding in orthodontics

1. Bonding Procedure

1.1 Cleaning

1.2 Enamel conditioning

1.3 Sealing

1.4 Positioning

1.5 Bonding

1.6 Banding of molars

1.7 Bonding to crowns

1.8 Bonding to amalgam

1.9 Bonding to composite restorations

2. Indirect Bonding

3. Instruments used in orthodontics

4. Bracket positioning chart

5. Ideal arch form

5.1 The tapered arch form

5.2 The square arch form

5.3 The ovoid arch form

6. Tips on placing brackets in different cases

7. Treatment stages

7.1 Stage 1: Leveling and Aligning

7.2 Stage 2: Working Stage

7.3 Stage 3: Finishing Stage

Who this course is for:

  • General dentists and post-graduate students
  • Dental students


Download  Fixed appliances treatment and bonding in orthodontics  Free

https://www.dropbox.com/s/kphj7qvteru5uzt/[ freetuts.download ] Udemy – Fixed appliances treatment and bonding in orthodontics.zip?dl=0

Password : freetuts.download

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