From Zero to R Hero 1 – Get to know R programming

From Zero to R Hero 1 – Get to know R programming   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class


This class is designed to introduce core programming principles as we work through real world analyses and build your knowledge and capabilities as we progress. No prior programming or statistics experience is required.

After completing the course, you will have developed a foundation of basic ability to program in R, be capable of performing statistical analyses using R, and be familiar with how to generate meaningful graphical output of results.

R is like any other programming language in that it has a steep learning curve. This class will reduce that learning curve through active learning whereby you learn by doing as everything we do in this class will involve real-life data and hands-on activities.

Through this hands-on approach you will actively learn how to solve multiple common problems facing R users in academia, private industry, and data science in general. This unique approach will foster your ability to solve problems using R and it will allow the relevance and power of R’s tools to become apparent.

This course focuses on exploring the core principles of programming, basic statistical analyses, and data visualizations.

I’m looking forward to beginning our journey into R and turning you into a confident and accomplished R user!

I’ll see you in class,

David Keellings


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