Illustrator for Business Startups & Beginners in Urdu – Hindi

 Illustrator for Business Startups & Beginners in Urdu – Hindi   Free Tutorial Download

Adobe Illustrator is a world-famous software for drawing vector graphics and is very commonly used by media & arts professionals. You can design beautiful digital illustrations and artworks through this software.

This course has been specially designed for beginners to learn illustrator easily from scratch, for people who want to become illustrator professionals, and for those people with new business start-ups. There will be no need to pay thousands of dollars to professional designers (for making your brand) when you can become one yourself by taking this wonderful easy-to-learn course.

You’ll learn to create illustrations, logos, and graphics for print and the web. You’ll gain the knowledge to produce detailed and salable art, building a strong foundation, exploring selection tools, drawing tools, layers, the Pen tool (a lesson unto itself) as well as transformations/distortions, type tools, and modifying paths and shapes.

Hands-on illustration projects include a creative and promotional brand campaign with various promotional contents such as packaging graphics, mag ads, newspaper ads, standees, posters, billboard, social media graphics and visual identity.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Graphic Design
  • Young entrepreneurs looking to make their own brand
  • Anyone interested in Graphic Design


Download  Illustrator for Business Startups & Beginners in Urdu – Hindi  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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