Improve User Requirements Using Wireframes, UML, and ERD.

Improve User Requirements Using Wireframes, UML, and ERD.   Free Tutorial Download

Learn How to Analyze and Improve User Requirements

Have you ever gotten feedback from a client where they said, “This is not what we wanted”? Do you have a way too many change requests in your software project? Do you face challenges when performing UAT?

In this class, you get the answer to the question, “How do I align business analysis ideas to ensure more precise customer requirements?”

Whether you are trying to communicate ideas to your stakeholders or defining the details requirements and specifications, this Class explains how to develop a value-added software application that meets both requirements and specifications.

The Instructor walks through a rich analysis and the design process, explaining the need for prototypes like wireframes, ERD, and UML, and how to use them.

This Class describes a step-by-step approach for producing several diagrams as prototypes. It will allow you to get the desired feedback quickly and accurately before handing it over to the designers and the developers.

The Class is for business analysts. It does not require any programming knowledge, nor does it require prior experience in UML, design, or databases. In this Class, business analysts expand their toolkit to get more precise and exact requirements by mapping the requirements to design, application models, and databases.

In this Class, you will:

*Get an overview of project management, DevOps, and requirement gathering

*Learn how to think about application layers, interface, logic, and data storage

*Capture and precisely represent application requirements

*Learn how to capture the system’s requirements to ensure that your prototypes meet your stakeholders’ needs

*Learn how to deploy the system to the real world

*How to draw models as a requirement gathering tactic

*Learn how to agree on the designs and the models before starting the project

*Learn how to build wireframes to produce effective user interface design and architecture

*Understand what UML models mean and how to use them as a tool for requirement gathering

*Represent requirements better with your business customers

*Improve your skills in presenting your system in different ways

*The ins and outs of application models. This book cuts to the fundamental design logic and simplifies the language to basic concepts.

Learn how to model your system and parts relationships

Learn the core concepts of cloud computing (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS)

Get an overview of microservices and containers

If you are serious about modeling your ideas clearly and quickly to get the exact requirements and feedback, then this Class is for you.

Full Description

Class 1, Project Delivery—In This Class:

*Overview of Project Delivery

*Overview of DevOps

Class 2 Value and Requirements—In this Class:

*Understand the business process

*Requirements gathering

*Initial Diagrams

Class 3 Prototypes—In this Class:

*Prototyping Overview

*Prototyping Application Interface

*Mock Design


Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, In these Classes, you will learn:

Class, Use Case, Sequence, Communication, State, Activity, Deployment, Component, Package, Object, Timing, Interaction Overview, Composite Structure, Profile Diagrams

Class 10, Entity Relationship Diagram—In this Class:

*Database Overview, Design, and Optimization

*Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Class 11 Deployment Consideration—In this Class:

*Cloud Computing

*Application Architecture


*Network Communications

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Business Analysis , Requirement analysis, & Process modeling.


Download Improve User Requirements Using Wireframes, UML, and ERD.   Free


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