Learn PHP programming from scratch – for complete beginners

Learn PHP programming from scratch – for complete beginners   Free Tutorial Download

Build your career as PHP Back-End Developer with this Course…

This course is for Absolute Beginner who wants to become PHP Developer….

Download 200+ PHP Source code used in this Course ……

Learn PHP 10X times faster with Examples, Exercises, Assignments, Blogs and Quiz ……

Complete Hands-on and Practical PHP Code for every topic in PHP ……

16+ hours of PHP Training fully focused on Writing and Learning PHP Code ……


Do you want to learn PHP from Scratch?

If Yes, then this is the right course designed for beginners students who want to learn PHP from basics.

Not just learn PHP but learn it 10x times faster by doing hands-on with our 200+ PHP source code materials.

Download 200+ PHP source code from Introduction Section. (Lecture 2).

Will this course help me to learn PHP in the right way?

Every sections from Starting to Last is carefully organised into these categories:

  1. Objective
  2. Examples
  3. Exercises
  4. Quiz
  5. Assignments
  6. Blogs
  7. Summary

With lots of time spent in organising these topics and making sure you get to learn PHP faster and with tons of supporting source code and proper guidance.

What will I do in this Course?

You will have fun learning PHP! Trust me.

You will start with starting point source code and ending source code so that you know where you will start and end.

You will be:

  • Learning how to write PHP with Examples.
  • Then do Exercise on the same topic by your own. (We provide solution as well)
  • After that take the Quiz.
  • Then take the Final Assignment Test. (Challenge yourself)
  • Finally some reference blogs for continuing your study offline.

With proper source code materials, you are never lost.

Sections have a proper outcome before we start. So, know what you will learn after the section.

100% Guaranteed PHP Learning Experience  ……

We have already trained so many students to learn PHP and based on the feedback we know our materials are useful and easy to learn.

  • 15+ hours of Course Materials.
  • Defined Outcome with Objective and Summary.
  • Access to Materials so that you can refer back.
  • Assignment and Quiz so can test yourself.
  • HD Quality and Clear Voice. (Needless to say but anyway…)
  • Forum Support.
  • many others once you get to know about us.

This course will help you learn  ……

  1. How to Setup PHP on Windows and Mac.
  2. Create your First PHP and Displayed on Browser.
  3. Learned about echo, print, comments and displaying PHP tags.
  4. What is PHP?
  5. Explain concepts like Client Server Model and Request Response Pattern
  6. Explain how PHP works to anyone in your own words.
  7. Embed PHP in HTML Pages.
  8. Run PHP on Console.
  9. Whitespaces, Escaping Characters and Reserved Words.
  10. Define Variables and Constants.
  11. Quick Intro to String, Integer Data Types and Functions.
  12. Understand types of Variable Scopes, Predefined Variable, Variable Variables and Magic Constants.
  13. Difference Between Variable and Constants.
  14. What is Expression and Operators.
  15. Types of Operators – Conditional, Arithmetical, Incremental, Logical, Assignment, Comparison, Bitwise, Execution and Error Control Operators.
  16. Understand the Operator Precedence.
  17. Define Strings, Integers, Double, Boolean and null.
  18. Work with Data Types and Create your own Variables of scalar data types.
  19. Define Namespaces and Sub Namespaces.
  20. Organise your program into smaller chunks and include them.
  21. Understand Namespace Constants.
  22. How to check any conditions using Conditional Statements.
  23. Write Conditional Statements using if, ifelse and Switch.
  24. Write Loops using for, while and dowhile looping statements.
  25. Learn to include one php into another php file using include and require.
  26. Understand goto, break, continue and return keywords.
  27. How to Combine two Strings.
  28. Learn to use Strings functions – strlen, strpos, uppercase, lowercase, reverse, shuffle and others.
  29. Understand about heredoc and nowdoc.
  30. Able to define, store and print Arrays.
  31. Use foreach loop to iterate Array elements.
  32. Create different types of Arrays – Empty, Mixed, Indexed, Associative and Multi Dimension Arrays.
  33. Learn about Array function unset.
  34. Sort, Copy and Split Arrays.
  35. Create and Call your Own Functions.
  36. Passing Inputs and Capture Return Value from Functions.
  37. Default and Optional Values.
  38. Understand How Dynamic Function Calling Works.
  39. Write Anonymous Function and Built-in Functions.
  40. Able to Pass Argument as Reference.
  41. Learn to Raise and Catch Exceptions.
  42. Able to Throw Custom Exceptions.
  43. Catch Multiple Exceptions.
  44. Understand Finally Block.
  45. Raise and Catch Errors.
  46. Learn to work with File Directories.
  47. Copy, Rename and Delete a File.
  48. Able to Read and Write Files.
  49. Understand how to read Configuration Files.
  50. Learn how to Read and Write CSV File.
  51. Learn to Print Date and Time.
  52. Convert Timestamp to different Time zone.
  53. Common Use case of Date.
  54. and many more topics  ……

Trust me you will learn more than what we have shown here.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who wants to start learning PHP Language from Basics.
  • Beginners who wants to start the career as PHP Developer.
  • Web Developers who wants to learn PHP server side scripting language.
  • This course is meant for those who wants to learn PHP.


Download  Learn PHP programming from scratch – for complete beginners  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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