Linux Performance Tuning – Hands On !!

Linux Performance Tuning – Hands On !!   Free Tutorial Download

Linux system administrator, responsible for tuning and maintaining settings to support specific machine workloads.

Course Content


Performance Monitoring Tools

  • Monitoring Processes using ps command
  • Monitoring Processes using top command
  • Monitoring memory usage
  • Monitoring File System Usage
  • GNOME System Monitor
  • Practice Lab Session
  • Overview Sysstat Package Utilities
  • Lab – Iostat command
  • Lab – mpstat command
  • Lab – pidstat command
  • Overview SAR
  • Advantages of SAR
  • Lab – SAR
  • Scheduling tasks with Systemd timer
  • Monitoring Systems using Cockpit
  • Monitoring Systems using performance co-pilot

Viewing Hardware Resources

  • Viewing kernel messages using dmesg command
  • Retrieving CPU Information
  • Retrieving DMI Information – dmidecode
  • Retrieving peripheral Information
  • hwloc & lshw command

Configuring Kernel Tunables

  • Proc File System
  • Kernel Tunables
  • Modifying Kernel Tunables
  • Modify Kernel Tunables Using Sysctl Command
  • Modify Kernel Tunables Persistently
  • Sysfs File System
  • About Kernel Modules
  • Practice Lab Session
  • Overview about tuning profiles
  • Managing profiles from the command line
  • Lab Session – Tuning profile

Managing Resource Limits

  • Limiting System Resources with ulimit
  • Configuring Persistent ulimit Rules
  • Practice Lab Session
  • Setting Limits for Services
  • Lab – Configure the service with a cgroup

lsof – List open files

  • lsof overview
  • Lab Session
  • Last Lecture

Lab on tcpdump- Network Packet Analyzer   

  • For example: number of packets received (transmitted) through the network card, statistics of packet failure etc

Who this course is for:

  • A Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) who is interested in earning a Red Hat Certification of Expertise, or a Red Hat Certified Architect(RHCA).


Download  Linux Performance Tuning – Hands On !!  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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