Master Laravel – A php framework for Beginner to Advanced

Learn & Master php Laravel from its core features to deploying it and making a modern application including API and SPA Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • What is Laravel
  • How to start with laravel
  • How to create website with laravel
  • How laravel works internally
  • What are the structure of Laravel
  • Laravel Middleware
  • Laravel Routings

  • Be passionate about learning
  • Never give up


Laravel-php is the most famous, most github rated and widely used PHP Framework.

Industries wants laravel skilled developers who can create things easily, work on API, can able to write tests or have deep understanding of Laravel so that employee can create our package for laravel.

This course is designed to fulfil all these needs and make you ready for high profile Laravel Job.

Why Learn from Sarthak

1. Have experience of over 4 years on Laravel

2. An Instructor from Laravel Community.

3. I have Friendly relation with top laravel core members including “Taylor Otwell – Creator of Laravel“.

4. Speaker at LaravelLive International conference 2018

5. Speaker at many laravel meetups.

6. Creator of many useful & famous open source laravel packages

Do you know?

1. How Facades works in php laravel, How service provider works, How laravel boots up.

2. Why we need Middleware or what is routing.

3. How to test your laravel application, how to test frontend using Laravel Dusk.

4. What is laravel packages, how to use them and most importantly create your own laravel package and publish them.

——– If  you don’t know these things or want to enhance your knowledge, take this course.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner who want to learn best framework called laravel
  • Php developer looking to enhance knowledge
  • Anyone who want to know in depth knowledge about laravel
  • Anyone who want to make reality of your dream of creating modern application
  • Advanced php developer who need to sharpen their skills of laravel


DownloadMaster Laravel – A php framework for Beginner to Advanced Free Download Free


Password : freetuts.download

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