Mastering Functional JavaScript Libraries

Mastering Functional JavaScript Libraries   Free Tutorial Download

Are you programming JavaScript functionally? In this hands-on course, learn about several libraries that can make it easier to apply functional programming concepts in practice. To begin, instructor Zsolt Nagy helps you connect functional programming theory with implementation. Discover how to use functional programming libraries such as Underscore.js, Lazy.js, Ramda.js, and Immutable.js, and review practical use cases along the way. Next, learn how to implement two different web applications using the Lodash and RxJS libraries. First, Zsolt shows how to implement a Sudoku game in JavaScript using Lodash. He then introduces functional reactive programming using RxJS, explaining how to implement a web application that uses the Slack API to monitor the activity of different Slack channels.

Topics include:

  • Bridging functional programming theory and practice
  • Working with Underscore.js, Lazy.js, Ramda.js, and Immutable.js
  • Using functional languages that compile to JavaScript
  • Creating a web application with Lodash
  • Foundations of reactive programming
  • Writing a simple application in RxJS


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