Music Business – Find Music Publishing & Licensing Placements (Updated)

Music Business – Find Music Publishing & Licensing Placements (Updated)   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Pitch to music publishers
  • Be paid royalties for your music
  • Find out how to have your music used in films, TV and other media placements
  • Sell your music in music libraries
  • Evaluate the commercial potential of your music
  • Know when and how to find a music publisher
  • Understand the different types of music publisher and which will best suit your musical goals
  • Understand different publishing deals
  • Source and use songshare agreements for fair shares of your copyright
  • Find out how to self publish your music
  • Use platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter to find placements for your songs
  • Find out how to form relationships with music supervisors
  • Use online pitching services to find placements for your music
  • Access organisations who can help you with professional development as a songwriter


  • You should be able to write music
  • Your should have some tracks recorded to broadcast standard


Do you write music but don’t know how to get artists to record it or have it placed in film, TV, advertising etc?

If you have been writing and recording songs and you would like to start making money from them, this course is for you. Music publishing can seem hard to break into, but in this course you will find out that it’s possible for songwriters at various stages of their careers to have songs placed with artists and used in film, TV and other media by using online platforms and finding reputable companies in the music industry to work on your behalf. We will also look at self publishing. This is everything you need to know about music publishing in one place. The course has input form me as a published songwriter but also includes interviews with songwriters signed to universal and cool independents and  a commercial pop publisher with international success .


Do you want to be a published songwriter but haven’t been sure how to have your songs published?

I am published songwriter named One to Watch twice by Nashville Songwriters Association International. I have been commissioned to write for reality TV graduates, written for up and coming artists, co-written with multi platinum writers and producers and my music has been used in documentaries and advertising. I would like to help you succeed in the music industry in doing what I do.


What We Will Discover

We will learn about the different kinds of music publishers and music publishing deals and their role in the music industry but more importantly we will learn how to apply this information to your goal of monetising your songwriting.

Topics include:

·         Traditional Music Publishers

·         Music Licensing Agencies

·         Online Music Libraries

*        Being paid royalties

·         When to Find a Music

           Publisher (assessing the commercial viability of your songwriting)

·         How to Find a Music Publisher

·         Self Publishing

·         Finding and Building Relationships with Music Supervisors

·         Pitching services and how to use them to maximum benefit

·         Organisations to join who can help advance your songwriting career


After the course you will

·         Be able to find the right publisher for you

·         Be able to find sync (TV,film etc) opportunities

·         Be able to efficiently make use of online pitching services

·         Use platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter to find placements

·         Understand how to become a published songwriter

Please Note: There are no ‘hacks’, shortcuts or insider tips that will help you succeed in publishing and licensing. There is a process which you need to commit to and your songs need to be written to commercial standard and recorded to broadcast standard. This course is for professionals with a business-like approach so ti wont suit you if you are looking for a quick fix.

If you want to start earning money from your music, please enroll now and I’m looking forward to joining you on your musical journey.

Who this course is for:

  • If you write music and want to make money from it, this course is for you

Download  Music Business – Find Music Publishing & Licensing Placements (Updated)  Free


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