NLP with Python for Machine Learning Training

NLP with Python for Machine Learning Training – Learn NLP with Python to learn the machine

With the increased amount of data publicly available and the increased focus on unstructured text data, understanding how to clean, process, and analyze that text data is tremendously valuable. If you have some experience with Python and you are interested in natural language processing (NLP), this course can provide you with the knowledge you need to deal with complex problems using machine learning. Instructor Derek Jedamski provides a quick summary of basic natural language processing (NLP) concepts, covers advanced data cleaning and vectorization techniques, and then takes a deep dig in building machine learning classifiers. During this last step, Derek shows how to build two different types of machine learning models, as well as how to evaluate and test these models variations.

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Language of instruction: English
Moderator: Derek Jedamski
Level of education :, Secondary
Training time: 4 hours + 14 minutes
File Size: 500 MB

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