SAP ABAP S – 4 HANA Integration

SAP ABAP S – 4 HANA Integration   Free Tutorial Download

  • SAP Integration Overview. Be able to explain why integration with cloud-based applications is so important when working with SAP and other applications such as those from PeopleSoft or Oracle, in this first topic in the SAP series. Learn about the four types of SAP integration including Rest API integration with SE37 and SEGW.
  • Integrating using the SAP Rest API. Practice integrating using the SAP Rest API in this second topic in the SAP series. Use transaction codes SE37 and SEGW. Use the SAP Gateway Service, SAP Gateway Error Log, and SAP Gateway Client. Practice going from JSON to ABAP and vice versa.
  • Integrating using the SAP Web Service. Integrate using the SAP Web Service in this third topic in the SAP series. Use transaction codes SE37, SE84, and SOAMANAGER.
  • SAP Idoc Integration. Perform SAP idoc integration across SAP modules in this fourth topic in the SAP series.
  • SAP Entity Resolution. Learn how to perform entity resolution in SAP using vendor data as an example in this fifth topic in the SAP series.

Who this course is for:

  • SAP Technical Consultant and SAp ABAP


Download SAP ABAP S – 4 HANA Integration   Free


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