SharePoint 2010 Training

In SharePoint 2010 Essential Training, author Simon Allardice demonstrates the full feature set in SharePoint 2010 and the necessary skills to be a SharePoint site administrator. The course shows how to use SharePoint, create sites and site collections, and plan and design sites and portals. It also covers Office integration, security and permissions, and advanced features such as document management and business intelligence.

– Hi, I’m Simon Allardice, and welcome to SharePoint 2010 Essential Training. In this course, we’re going to dive deep into exploring SharePoint’s features and benefits. We’ll see how to create SharePoint sites, and work with site collections, handle office integration, security and permissions, and even explore advanced features, like document management and business intelligence. We’re going to go beyond just what you need to get started with SharePoint and really get to grips with this technology. SharePoint is huge, and it can take time to really learn, but when it’s used correctly, it makes your life easier. If you’re looking for SharePoint to help grow your business, help you or your colleagues work together, or maybe you’ve just heard that you’re supposed to know this thing called SharePoint, you’re in the right place. SharePoint is one of the fastest growing products that Microsoft has ever had, and it’s becoming more important every day to know how to work with it. Now, you…

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