The Complete Java Developer Course from Scratch

Download Tutorial The Complete Java Developer Course from Scratch

Quick Overview
This course is uniquely run by a leading ICT institute, featuring:

  • Best-in-class instructor using a learn-by-doing, fun, bite-size approach to learning.
  • Professional content in line with the Oracle Certified Java Associate examination syllabus.
  • Beautifully crafted videos in studio quality and detailed courseware (Presentations & Code Examples).
  • Real-world projects and challenges with answer video explanations and files.
  • Personalised reviews through e-mail support from your instructor.
  • Access to a coach-supported forum.

The Course
A course that starts from absolute scratch, explains all the core concepts of programming, uses the popular and powerful Java language and the world’s best development tool (IntelliJ IDEA) to teach you.

The Instructor
An Oracle Certified Professional, with a passion for programming and technology with 15 years of industry experience, including more than a decade of training experience to individuals and teams of all sizes – including Fortune 500 brands.


  • “Educator is very experienced, a great mentor, and a great character to spend time in a classroom with – always willing to help out outside of the lectures themselves. I learnt more than I expected to learn and I’m looking forward for my next course. System.out.println(“Thank you ICE Malta!”);”
  • “This isn’t my first time studying at ICE Malta and once again I really enjoyed the study experience. I was an absolute beginner and now I’m very confident in my newfound skills.”
  • “What a super study experience! I completed the course pumped and enthusiastic to transform my career into a winner.”
  • “Amazing job! The educator always explained concepts in a practical, fun, easy way – brilliant.”
  • “This course was a game-changer, it opened so many doors of opportunity.”

Course Description
The course starts from scratch, but if you haven’t programmed in Java for a while, or would like to update your skills to Java SE 9, then this course has something for you too. During the course, we use IntelliJ IDEA as our development environment, however we also learn how to do away with an IDE and go behind the scenes to compile and run code manually. If you have previous experience using another IDE such as NetBeans, Eclipse or BlueJ – you are more than welcome to use any of those instead.

This study experience doesn’t just train you in Java – it gives you an education on the core concepts of programming and encourages you to develop your personal research and development skills to become a well rounded IT professional, regardless of technology used.

The course consists of 108 beautifully crafted lessons, each explaining a core programming concept and how this concept is implemented in Java. For each lesson, you get both a theoretical and practical explanation, and are provided with all slides and code examples used. Furthermore, the course also challenges you with interesting homework assignments as well as ‘Test Your Mettle’ bonus sections, to encourage personal research skills and feature discovery.

As an enrolled student, you will have access to all course material, a personal e-mail contact with your instructor as well as a discussion area. This means you will be able to carry out homework, Test Your Mettle challenges and even additional exercises, and have your questions answered directly by your instructor – too! Your success is our obsession.

We hope to join you on your exciting learning journey in the world of Java!

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Who this course is for:
  • Absolute beginners with no programming experience – we’ll start from absolute scratch.
  • Developers interested in learning another language.
  • Java developers interested in sharpening their skills, learning best practices and understanding new Java 9 concepts.
  • Developers interested in achieving the Oracle Certified Associate certification.

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Download Free Tutorial The Complete Java Developer Course from Scratch


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