A Cloud Guru – Introduction to Azure DevOps (2020)

A Cloud Guru – Introduction to Azure DevOps (2020)   Free Tutorial Download


In April of 1999, New Horizons of Sacramento hired me to be their newest computer instructor, and the course of my life was forever altered.

Before that, a profession in computers was just not on my radar. I went from underachieving in high school directly to the US Army, and had no interest in computers beyond what I needed to get the games loaded – and occasionally do some homework. While I had many roles during my 11 years of military service (medical lab tech, infantryman, Drill Instructor, single-channel radio operator, NBC NCO), it wasn’t until my final two years of service that IT was thrust upon me (anyone remember Banyan Vines?).

I’ve covered a wide range of subjects in the past two decades. Initially, it was the “missionary work” of Beginning Windows (98!) and Office applications, but it quickly expanded to certification related training, which through the years have included products from over a dozen different vendors.

When I was finally exposed to cloud technology and saw the potential it had to change people’s lives, my role as an IT trainer was transformed from simply being a decent job into a personal calling; since almost the entire scope and power of Information Technology is made easily available to anyone via cloud platforms, then outstanding cloud technology training could be – should be – just as easily available.


Download  A Cloud Guru – Introduction to Azure DevOps (2020) Free


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