Create IoT Smart Garden with ESP32 and Blynk

Create IoT Smart Garden with ESP32 and Blynk   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Why you should Interface Arduino and ESP32 in your Electronic Projects
  • Learn How to connect Arduino Boards with ESP32 and make it Web enabled
  • Learn how to interface Arduino with ESP32 with one wire only


  • Basic experience in Electronics
  • A Will to apply, not just watch
  • Be familiar with the Arduino Uno
  • Be familiar with the breadboard and wiring.


A Different IoT Power and Performance, Use ESP32 microcontroller to MAKE IoT Smart Garden and unleash your creativity

Gardening is a very enjoyable hobby. But, because most people’s busy lifestyles, plants in our gardens might not always get the attention they deserve. But today this will end. What if you can remotely monitor your garden and give your plants the care they need?

There is a way! In this course, we are going to create an IoT-based smart gardening system using the Blynk App.

It’s really hard to control ESP Board via mobile, creating a mobile application that can connect to an online server to send and receive commands to ESP Board is a daunting task that requires mobile app development experience and takes a lot of time, effort and in some cases money.

But what if you can create a mobile interface using drag and drop feature with zero programming experience to control and monitor any of the ESP Board pins!

In this course, you will learn how to create an interactive mobile app interface in less than 5 minutes and connect it to your ESP Board via a free web server that will allow you to directly control your board and get a live reading from sensors and buttons plus sending control data to Led, actuator, pump, and motors.

We will use the knowledge you will gain from this course to create an IoT Smart Garden that has Temperature, Humidity, water level, and Soil Moisture sensors and display sensors reading live on your mobile app and use a button inside the app to control a pump to water your garden from anywhere in the world!

In this course, you will create a plant environment monitoring system that monitors soil moisture level, air temperature, humidity, and water level. Then, depending on the conditions, the system allows users to deliver what is needed remotely through a mobile app.

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • How to Create an IoT Garden Using ESP and Blynk
  • The working principle behind this
  • How to connect the hardware components
  • What is Blynk and how to use it to control your project Smartly
  • How to Code your ESP to read and send sensor data via Web Interface
  • System Operation
  • How to use the same methodology to make any device Smart!

At the end of this course, you can create Innovative IoT Projects controlled by a mobile app with almost no programming experience required. The only thing that you need to do is THINKING, WIRING & CODING.

Who this course is for:

  • Electronics Geeks
  • Arduino Geeks
  • Anyone interested in making amazing electronics Projects
  • Anyone interested in making amazing Microcontroller Projects
  • Anyone interested in creating a web enabled electronic Project using Arduino
  • Anyone interested in sending data from Arduino to the Web
  • Anyone interested in connecting his project to the internet with a low budget solution


Download  Create IoT Smart Garden with ESP32 and Blynk  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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