Deep Reinforcement Learning and GANs: Advanced Topics in Deep Learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning and GANs: Advanced Topics in Deep Learning – Deep Learning Learning and Ganz: Advanced Learning Deep Learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning and GANs LiveLessons is an introduction to two of the most exciting topics in Deep Learning today. Generative Adversarial Networks has cast two Deep Learning networks against each other in a “forger-detective” relationship, enabling the fabrication of stunning, photorealistic images with flexible, user-specific elements. Deep Reinforcement Learning has produced equally surprising advances, including the bulk of the most widely-publicized “artificial intelligence” breakthroughs. Deep RL involves training a “agent” to become adept in given environments, enabling algorithms to meet or exceed human-level performance in a wide range of complex challenges, including Atari video games, the board game Go, and subtle hand-manipulation. tasks Throughout these lessons, Essential theory is brought to life with intuitive explanations and interactive, hands-on Jupyter notebook demos. Examples feature Python and Keras, the high-level API for TensorFlow, the most popular Deep Learning library.

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Producer: Livelessons
Language: English
Teacher: Jon Krohn
Level of training: Advanced
Training Time: 5 hours +
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