Learn Tableau – Beginners In-depth Course- Zero to Hero

Use Tableau Desktop Software to create stunning visualizations on your own. Tableau Training. Quizzes & Practice Exam Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • The course uses the Latest version of Tableau but any could be used for learning . You do not need the latest. Download Tableau Public (FREE) or Tableau Desktop (14 Day Trial)
  • They will learn how to use the Tableau Desktop from beginning
  • Taking the course will enhance the student’s knowledge with Tableau.
  • Learn the different types of joins
  • Learn how to connect to data
  • Learn how to create hierarchies and group data
  • Learn about the marks
  • Learn about Pages
  • Learn how to format your dashboard and worksheets
  • Learn how to create basic calculations in tableau
  • Learn about the dashboard objects
  • Learn how to use the navigation toolbar
  • Learn about the commonly used terms in tableau
  • The course will also teach advanced knowledge on ways to use the various filters and understand parameters and different types of calculations
  • The knowledge from the course will also improve the student’s ability to generate insights and understanding of different data.
  • As an added bonus, the course will also give students tips, tricks, and advice on how to improve and grow their analytics career and tips to create great visualizations on our website
  • PC with Windows/Mac
  • Tableau Public (free) or Tableau Desktop installed
  • Basic Knowledge or understanding of Data Visualization is useful in understanding concepts — but the course is geared towards freshers
  • Willingness to learn & time to invest in actively learning

Update: 8/19/2019 – Quizzes & Practice Exams for Tableau Desktop are Added to Course

Update: 8/10/2019 – Lecture Audio Quality has been improved

Update: 8/14/2019 – Longer Quizzes added to PassingBI website

Being a industry leader in reporting analytics, Tableau is quickly taking over the market and replacing other big tools. Companies are switching over to this due to ease of use and its ability to create stunning graphs.

Having worked as Tableau Consultant for the past six years, I have had a chance to work with very big names in the industry. I have noticed first hand and been involved in conversion process of dashboards that were made in Qlikview, PowerBI, Business Objects due to various reasons. Cost, Ease of Use being the big ones.

An average Tableau Developer makes about 78000 in Texas and up to 110,000 if you are working in New York.

Learn the basic and advance knowledge related to Data Science and Visualization using Tableau , one of the leading data visualizations software in the market today.

The knowledge that the students will get from the course will enable them to create unlimited opportunities in discovering and analyzing different data patterns such as the latest sales trends, customer purchase behavior, and even process bottlenecks.

The students will get lessons on how to visualize and analyze data using Tableau by:

· Understanding the fundamental concepts

· Learn how to create charts in Tableau

· Learn hierarchies/grouping/ write calculations

· Learn dimensions and measures

· Learn the different type of joins

· Creating aliases working with the data source

· Learn about the different filters

Ultimately, The course will provide Tableau Training, the students will learn how to use the Tableau software and help them prepare, fix, and present the data quickly and easily for personal or work setting

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Analytics Students, College Students
  • The course is designed for new data analytics students who want to jumpstart their analytics career.
  • This course is also intended for basic and intermediate Tableau users who want to improve or enhance their Tableau skills and knowledge.
  • The course is for students who want to learn the proper techniques in fully utilizing the potential of Tableau.
  • The course is also designed for students who are planning and want to pass the Desktop Specialists Certification Exam.
  • The course is also good for people who are looking to add knowledge and maximize new opportunities for data-driven and analytics career.


DownloadLearn Tableau – Beginners In-depth Course- Zero to Hero Free Download Free


Password : freetuts.download

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