Running a Design Business – Pricing and Estimating

Running a Design Business – Pricing and Estimating   Free Tutorial Download

Do you know what to charge for your design services? Too much and you risk scaring away potential clients; too little and you’re not compensating yourself properly. Let Terry Lee Stone, a design manager who’s priced thousands of design projects, show you how to calculate your work’s true worth. She explains how to keep good records, set an hourly rate, create estimates then transform them into contracts, and successfully approach financial matters with your clients. Plus, like all the other courses in the Running a Design Business series, this course includes free worksheets—including templates for evaluating your expenses and calculating your fees.

Topics include:

  • Thinking about money
  • Factors to consider when pricing design
  • Comparing time-based vs. component-based pricing strategies
  • Scoping a project
  • Determining your rate based on factors like industry standards and budget
  • Creating estimates
  • Communicating additional costs
  • Invoicing the client


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