The 6 Phase Meditation Program – Vishen Lakhian

The 6 Phase Meditation Program – Vishen Lakhian   Free Tutorial Download

What You’ll Learn

  1. How to train yourself to achieve waking consciousness in various altered states

    So you can access previously uncharted areas of your mind.

  2. The 100-1 morning technique for staying at Deep Alpha

    So that you can access this unique brain-wave at ease in seconds for accessing deep Alpha levels for healing, calm & creativity.

  3. Apply the Mental Screen for Advanced Visualization

    This simple mental technique has been used by pro-athlete students of Vishen to win at competitive sports and make headlines.

  4. Learn Silva 3-Scenes Technique

    This refinement in Mental Visualization produces the best results when done in this unique 6 step way…fully shared in this class.

By the end of this masterclass you will understand Altered States and how to use them in unique ways to shift your reality. Your daily practice of meditation, healing and manifesting will reach new levels.


Download  The 6 Phase Meditation Program – Vishen Lakhian  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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