The Complete 2020 Company Valuation & Stock Analysis Course

 The Complete 2020 Company Valuation & Stock Analysis Course   Free Tutorial Download

Shorten the learning curve. Learn the skills and gain the hands-on experience needed to become a professional analyst in weeks.

Our Corporate Valuation & Stock Analysis Course explores common valuation techniques used by Wall Street professionals to value companies. This course has been designed with “on the job” experience in mind. The primary focus of the course is to teach students the practical applications of theoretical methodologies. In our case study, we will value the target company and determine whether it is overvalued or undervalued by the market.

This course was carefully designed to teach students all the technical skills needed for a career in finance as a financial analyst. These skills are applied by finance professionals each day on the job. Our curriculum and content are grounded with best industry practices giving you a full immersion into the world of a professional analyst. By the end of the course, you will have a strong understanding of valuation methods and be able to perform analysis like a professional. You will master the skills applied by professionals on Wall Street each day.

Build the fundamental skills for careers in:

· Investment banking

· Asset management

· Private equity

· Corporate development

· Equity research

Important: How to take this course: This course is part 3 of 4 video courses in our Analyst program series designed to teach you the soft and technical skills professionals apply on-the-job each day. With each of the first 3 courses, students learn principles, concepts and the practical application in the real world. You’ll compound your knowledge every step of the way in preparing for the 4th course, our full investment case analysis. Take this course serious, make a commitment to yourself to complete all 4 courses. By the end of all 4 courses, you’ll be proud of your effort and you’ll be ready to preform like a professional first day on the job or internship.

Topics Covered

· Valuation methodologies and concepts

· Building comparable company analysis

· Choosing the appropriate set of comps

· Key benefits & challenges

· Source of public information

· Calculating equity & enterprise values

· Treasury stock method & calculating Last Twelve Months (LTM)

· Adjustments: non‐recurring items

· Appropriate relevant trading / leverage multiples

· Arriving to an implied valuation range

· Spreading public comps

· Precedent transaction / acquisition comparable

· Analyzing multiples and control premium

· Discounted Cash Flow methodology overview

· Calculating WACC

· Estimating terminal value (exit multiple vs. perpetuity growth rate)

· Mid‐year and year discounting method

· Determining valuation range on DCF analysis

· Sensitivity analysis

Who this course is for:

  • Any student looking to learn advance financial analyst skills
  • Anyone who wants a career transition into finance
  • Anyone looking to acquire the core technical and soft skills professionals on Wall Street implement on the job
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop their professional skills and grow a business
  • Anyone looking to learn financial modeling, company valuation and stock analysis skills


Download  The Complete 2020 Company Valuation & Stock Analysis Course Free


Password : freetuts.download

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