Tutorial: Set up Multi Org Hyperledger Fabric Network

Download Tutorial Tutorial: Set up Multi Org Hyperledger Fabric Network

Have you struggled (or are struggling) to understand how Fabric works under the covers?

Are you looking to setup your Fabric application on multi machine Fabric setup?

Would like to install your application on the Fabric setup on the cloud?

Do you feel that Fabric documentation should cover Native installation (not just Docker)?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then please Read on ……

The official Hyperledger Fabric tutorials (e.g., Build Your First Network) use the (Docker) containerized version of the Fabric setup. This approach has been adopted to simplify the creation of the Fabric setup for testing & development by beginners. Though this approach is good for beginners it does not enable the users with the knowledge needed for setting up Fabric infrastructure on their own. Users are left on their own to peel the layers and get the feel of the setup.

This course takes a native installation approach to ensure that students understand how Fabric is setup at the binary (peer, orderer …) level not just at the Docker container level. In other words in this tutorials students will work directly with the following Fabric binaries to learn how Fabric networks are created.

  • configtxgen
  • peer
  • orderer
  • fabric-ca-client
  • fabric-ca-server

Course uses a tool that author refers to as the “Fabric Workbench” which is a tool for learning & experimentation with native (not Docker) Fabric setups. It has a collection of ready to use scripts and configurations that would enable the user to become productive with Fabric setups in a very short period of time. Student  will launch a full blown multi-org infrastructure in second section itself ?

To Get the MOST value

  • Student MUST follow along the activities demonstrated in the lecture
  • Refer to the Fabric documentation for details of commands/configurations

Tutorial covers:

  1. Identity management using Fabric CA (cryptogen is for testing only – Fabric CA is for production)
  2. Single organization setup
  3. Multi organization setup
  4. Multi peer setup
  5. Multi machine setup
  6. Setup of Fabric on cloud (AWS used in the course but any cloud platform may be used)
  7. Setup of Composer applications on cloud | on premise

Tutorial does NOT cover:

  1. Basic Fabric concepts | Chaincode development
  2. Multi machine orderer setup (it uses Solo)
  3. Details of all the binary commands | YAML configurations | Config update process
  4. Docker container based setup  (as it is available with official documentation)

Course structure:

Course has been organized in seven (7) sections. Each of the sections have a well defined set of objectives. Here is a summary:

  • Section#1 :   Introduction to the course
  • Section#2 :   Acme Case Study used for demonstrating real world scenario, Workbench tool overview & setup
  • Section#3 :   Learn to use Fabric CA binaries & Setup identities for the fabric setup
  • Section#4 :   Use the network config files to setup Orderer binary
  • Section#5 :   Peer binary setup for anchor peers, regular peers; Setup org with single & multiple peers
  • Section#6 :   Address common challenges with Composer apps; Installation of Composer applications on native setups
  • Section#7 :   Setting up and testing a Multi-Org Fabric Infrastructure on the CLOUD

Please Note:  DO NOT Join this course if:

  1. You are looking for a course on Fabric Chaincode development. This course will NOT teach you fabric development.
  2. You have NEVER referred to Hyperledger Fabric documentation ?
  3. You are looking to learn Docker based setup (please refer to official tutorial)
  4. You are looking for specific “How To …” e.g., kafka configuration for orderer   (refer to curriculum)
  5. You are looking to understand details of the binary commands | configurations
  6. You are looking for help with Fabric Certification prep
  7. You are NOT comfortable with instructor’s accent

For Fabric DEEP Dive – Checkout my 10+ Hours course on “Fabric Network Design & Setup”

***** PLEASE do watch preview lectures BEFORE signing up *****

Who this course is for:
  • Developers building Hyperledger Fabric Applications
  • Architects looking to leverage Fabric for building DLT applications
  • Blockchain enthusiasts struggling to understand how Hyperledger Fabric works under the covers
  • Anyone interested in building Multi Org Hyperledger test infrastructure (on-premise & Cloud)
  • Folks struggling with the official Hyperledger Fabric tutorials – BYFN ?

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Download Free Tutorial Tutorial: Set up Multi Org Hyperledger Fabric Network


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