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Vince Kelvin – SS in Action   Free Tutorial Download

Name ProductVince Kelvin: The Complete Speed Seduction in Action
Download Size1.17 GB
“How to skyrocket your sargin sucksex using Ross Jeffries’s most brilliant, guaranteed to get laid material!” By Master Hypnotist Vince “Mr Hollywood” Kelvin

13 CDs and 2 DVDs includes:

CD1 How to Become a Seduction Superstar
CD2 Vince’s Seduction Sucksex Stories
CD3 The Structure of Super Successful Sarges
CD4 Walk Ups Done in a Way that Works all the Time
CD5 From Conversation to Kiss Close
CD6 The Missing Link that Leads to Action
CD7 Secrets of Smooth Closes
CD8 How SS Works in Clubs
CD9 When Sargin Becomes Second Nature
CD10 Daily Seduction Subconscious Conditioning CD
CD11 Daily Conscious Conditioning to Develop the Mind Set
of a Master Seducer
CD12 Doing Demos to Accelerate Arousal
CD13 Daily Seduction Skills Drill CD

DVD1 Vince Speaking at Ross Jeffries’s 2006 L.A. Speed
Seduction Seminar
DVD2 Vince Speaking at Ross Jeffries’s 2006 L.A. Speed Seduction Seminar

To get the most out of this course Vince recommends you listen to the 2 hypnotic induction CDs daily. CD 10 as you go to sleep. and CD 11 in the background during the day.


Download  Vince Kelvin – SS in Action  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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