Applied HR (People-) Analytics Certificate Course

Applied HR (People-) Analytics Certificate Course   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How to calculate fairness in hiring, promotions and performance reviews
  • How to calculate the effectiveness of learning/training programs
  • How to select HR metrics and what to watch out for
  • Practical applications of HR/People Analytics
  • How HR teams are using data analytics to improve the employee / employer experience
  • How to determine correlations in your HR data
  • Concerns and ethical considerations associated with HR Analytics
  • How to connect Excel, Tableau and Power BI to real-time data sources and data extracts


  • Be curious and have a thirst for knowledge
  • Basic Excel skills


This course is not intended for analytics experts. It is intended for HR generalists.

HR Analytics, also called People Analytics, talent analytics and workforce analytics has been increasingly used in corporate HR teams.

This class is a beginner level introduction and does not require advanced mathematical knowledge.  It is intended for Human Resource business partners and generalists who are curious about how businesses are using analytics to study employees. If you are seeking a purely statistical class, this is NOT the course for you. This class includes some of the easier data analysis tools in the Excel data analysis Toolpak but those who want to avoid all statistical work can skip these assignments.

Learn how HR teams are using analytics to improve the workplace for employees, to increase the bottom line for their business and to ensure fairness in the workplace. Learn how to properly select metrics and what happens when you ignore “Rule #3.”

Learn how to connect tools like Excel, Tableau and Power BI to real-time data and data extracts.

This class covers the same content as Tracey’s on-site workshops. Below are several testimonials from the in-person class.

“Tracey’s experience and wealth of knowledge is clear in the way she presents, explains new concepts and makes content relevant to students by providing real life examples. She has an amazing teaching style which allowed me to quickly grasp a topic I had struggled with during a whole term in my university days.”

“This is a great course for HR Professionals who are already conducting some sort of reporting or data analysis and are looking to improve upon these skills. This 1 day course offers a lot of valuable information about analytics that I will benefit in the future moving forward.”

“Tracey is a wonderful instructor with immense knowledge. Her teaching style was great and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her.”

Who this course is for:

  • HR Business partners/generalists who want a fundamental understanding of HR analytics
  • Beginner Analysts who wonder how their skills can be applied to Human Resources
  • People wondering if HR Analytics is a career they would like to enter
  • Non-technical HR professionals and leaders


Download  Applied HR (People-) Analytics Certificate Course  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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