Linuxacademy Python 2.7 Scripting For System Administrators

Linuxacademy Python 2.7 Scripting For System Administrators – Python Scripting Tutorial 2.7 for system management

In this course, you will develop the skills that you need to write effective and powerful scripts and tools using Python. We will go through the necessary Python language features to be able to leverage its additional benefits in writing scripts and create command line tools (data types, loops, conditionals, functions, error handling, and more). Beyond the language itself, you will go through the full development process including project set up, planning, and automated testing to build two different command line tools.

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Manufacturer: Linux Academy / Linuxacademy
Language: English
Teacher: Keith Thompson
Level of training: 
Training time: 6 hours + 7 minutes
File size: 804 MB


Password : freetuts.download

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